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MAMT Timeline 

Pre 20th Century

Early 20th Century

Mid-20th Century



Early 21st Century


2020s - Present 

Music has been used informally for therapeutic purposes throughout history, including in Maryland, where indigenous peoples may have used music for healing.

1920s-1930s: Music therapy began to gain recognition as a legitimate field of study and practice in the United States.

1950s: The National Association for Music Therapy (now known as the American Music Therapy Association) was founded, and music therapy began to see organized development.

Music therapy programs started to be established in various healthcare settings in Maryland, including hospitals and special education facilities

1981: The Maryland State Task Force on Arts in Education recommended the inclusion of music therapy in the curriculum for special education in public schools.
1993: The Maryland State Task Force on the Arts in Healthcare recommended the use of arts, including music therapy, in healthcare settings.

2004: The Maryland State Department of Education approved music therapy as a related service for students with disabilities in public schools.
The development of music therapy programs at universities in Maryland, such as those at Towson University and University of Maryland, helped to train and educate future music therapists.

Ongoing growth and recognition of music therapy as an effective healthcare and educational intervention in Maryland.
Collaboration between music therapists and healthcare professionals, educators, and community organizations to expand the reach of music therapy services.

Continued integration of music therapy into various healthcare settings, including hospice care, mental health treatment, and rehabilitation programs.
Advocacy and research efforts to demonstrate the effectiveness of music therapy in Maryland.
2022 implementation of Licensure in the state of Maryland began as a requirement to practice music therapy. 

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